DEA Cleaner


LIST 1 | original CSV list to clean


LIST 2 | DEA domain providers list (they will be deleted from list 1)


DEA cleaner online tool

This free online tool will allow you to eliminate disposable email addresses (DEA or disposable email addresses) from a CSV file or from any other list separated by rows.

For those of you who do not yet know what DEAs are, they are disposable e-mail accounts that many users usually use to register on websites, make online downloads, or sign up for e-mail newsletters. It is very common that people wants to eliminate this type of addresses from the database of our autoresponders, lists of registered users, or newsletters, since reducing your email database may reduce your costs.

    • HOW DOES IT WORK: paste the content of your CSV file in the first textarea and use the “Remove DEA” button to delete the unwanted email addresses.
    • OPTIONAL: you can also use your own lists of unwanted domains by pasting them in the second textarea, or simply use this tool to delete lines from a list 1 that exist in list 2.

    • DATABASE: This tool works with a list that collects some of the (almost) 500 domains known to be suppliers of disposable email addresses. You can see them in the secondary textbox (list 2).

    • BIG LISTS: We have successfully tested this tool with lists of up to 20,000 lines. The tool runs in your browser, so the size of the list you can work with depends on the resources (RAM, processor, etc.) your computer has.

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