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Get PHPSEO Expired Finder License

you need a code previously published on PHPSEO social networks, forums and groups


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Get Expired Finder License

How to get a free license code?

You can get a free license with any of the following methods.

    • Follow me on Twitter and activate the bell. I will post codes on a regular basis that will be for the fastest followers.
    • Subscribe to YouTube and activate the bell. I will post codes in the video descriptions and within the videos themselves. The fastest subscribers will be able to claim the codes and get their free yearly license.
    • Join the support group on Facebook. I’ll post codes there too that only group members will see.
    • Subscribe to the PHPSEO and Netgrows newsletter. I will send license codes via email if the subscribers ask me.
    • Write a blog post about PHPSEO. If you have any non-spammy Tech Blog (DR 10 or more), publish an article talking about PHPSEO and linking the website and the YouTube tutorials. After it, send me the post URL via Twitter. I’ll be happy to send you a permanent license code (the license code will last as long as your published post).
    • You cannot buy a license, all distributed licenses are free.

How does the license work?

    1. Get a free license code with one of the above methods.
    2. After obtaining a code, quickly visit https://netgrows.com/get-expired-finder/ and link the license with your data (name and email).
    3. If you are the fastest to link that license code, it will be yours exclusively for a whole year!
    4. After successfully linking a license in the previous form, enter the same name and email in Expired Domain Finder to start using it.
    5. Do not share your license with other users or use it from different IP addresses or it will be temporarily blocked.