Download PHPSEO to use the keyword suggest module

Get keywords from Google, YouTube & Amazon
Get traffic volume per country

Download PHPSEO, it's 100% free. No registration needed.

You can use it in any PHP hosting or in your PC/MAC using XAMPP
PHPSEO does not require install, just paste the PHP file in the server and visit the URL using Chrome

Warning: due to the high use of the tool, our hosting provider gives us problems, so we have decided to share the code, so you can use the tool on your own hosting or local server. You can find the PHP script in the description of the video.

Keyword Suggest PHP download

(you can download the PHP script in the YouTube video description)

Keyword Suggest

keyword ideas free tool


Keyword Suggest

Keyword ideas generator. Enter a keyword and click on the button to receive ideas based on Google Suggest.

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