Free tools to get backlinks from a URL | 2019

Finally we collect in this post, with the intention of updating periodically, the tools that today allow us to analyze backlinks for free.
Next we describe each one, we will be happy to know which are your favorites and that you share with us others that have escaped us 🙂

  • Megaindex: is one of the free tools that offers more, especially because it does not limit the amount of searches. It seems that they have a more up-to-date database than Moz (OpenSiteExplorer / Link Explorer) and it is more reliable when analyzing the backlinks profile of a domain. Limit the number of links shown to free users (of something they have to live).
    Visit Megaindex.
  • Seokicks: another quite powerful tool, which also allows us to search many URLs and does not limit or request registration after a couple of searches. Limit the number of links shown to free users (of something they have to live).
    Visit Seokicks.
  • Backlinkwatch: tool quite old and with some bugs, you just have to see what it suggests to look for websites with www. in front of the domain. Anyway, if we analyze old websites, it reports a few links that other tools will not show us. In  our tests, it has shown up to 1000 links from one of our websites.
    Visit Backlinkwatch.


Other tools (more limited in 2019) compared to the previous ones are:

Semrush: it allow us to do 10 searches when registering. Then you have daily limitations for free users.
Visit Semrush.

Link Explorer de Moz: it also allow us 10 searches (monthly) after registering. Their database has almost always been less updated than the competition.
Visit Link Explorer.

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